Simultaneous Translation

In a simultaneous translation or interpreting session, the interpreter translates as the speaker is talking. The interpreter sits in a fully-equipped, soundproof booth and listens to the speaker through headphones. He or she interprets the words of the speaker, then translates into a microphone to the listeners with earphones. It is essential that the interpreter is positioned in a way that allows him or her to see the speaker and that the audio system is of the highest quality.

This interpretation technique is simultaneous, not contemporaneous, given that, excluding when the interpreter can correctly anticipate the sense of the speaker’s sentence, there is always a slight delay called décalage.

Considering the extremely high level of concentration required, two or possibly three interpreters shall alternate over the course of a working day of around 8 hours.

When compared to other translation techniques (see ‘Consecutive’), interpreting or simultaneous translation has the advantage of reducing rephrasing time.

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Necessary Equipment and Facilities

An aspect which is fundamental for the success of a conference with simultaneous translation is the quality of the necessary equipment and facilities.

Worldbridge provides high quality equipment that, along with the interpreter's booth, includes: microphones, receivers, speakers, infrared transmitters and all the other necessary components which make simultaneous interpretating run as smoothly as possible.

The presence of qualified technical assistance throughout the entire conference is also vital to guarantee the optimal performance of all the equipment.

The interpreters listen to the speaker through headphones from within the booth. They then translate simultaneously into a microphone.

The audience listen to the translation through wireless receivers so that they may enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

The transmission of the audio signal is not affected by interference from other electric systems and our equipment is also designed to be used outdoors. It can also support several channels contemporaneously and so is suitable for events in which the public and the speakers are linguistically diverse.

Our booths are aesthetically and technologically avantgard. Given the video facilities and monitors, the booth can be set up in a different location from the event.
Headphones and receivers are carefully cleaned after each use.
Our equipment is also available for hire.

WorldBridge Simultaneous Translation: Linguistic Combinations

Thanks to the high level of professionalism of our simultaneous interpreters, we can provide this service in the following language combinations:

Simultaneous translation from Italian to English and from English to Italian.
Simultaneous translation from Italian to medical English and from medical English to Italian.
Simultaneous translation from Spanish to Italian and from Italian to Spanish.
Simultaneous translation from German to Italian and from Italian to German.
Simultaneous translation from Chinese to Italian and from Italian to Chinese.
Simultaneous translation from French to Italian and from Italian to French.

Nb. Our possibilities are constantly being updated so even if your desired linguistic combination is not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us!